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General Questions

• What are the dialup numbers for skyQ?

• How do I upload my personal web html file(s) for my 20MB web space?

• Where to go to read and submit modem troubleshooting questions?

• Why can't I connect at 56K speeds?

Terms of Service

Filtering Questions

How does family filtering work?
You can optionally choose to restrict access to objectionable web pages on the internet. These sites have been identified as having objectionable content by a third party.  If you choose this option you will be prevented from accessing known sites that are generally considered inappropriate for children. This list is extremely comprehensive, having been compiled over many years by a third party that views every site with "human" eyes before adding a URL to the list.  Blocked categories include: pornography, recreational nudity, sexually explicit language, criminal activity, hate speech, drug promotion, illegal weapons construction/modification/sales, and crime instructions.  If this list is not comprehensive enough for your needs, you will need to locate another third party solution to meet your needs.  Although the list of sites we block is one of the highest quality lists on the market, it should be only be considered a 99.99 percent effective solution,  and there will always be new or obscure sites that are not blocked by the current list.  In other words, even with this filter enabled it is possible to access objectionable Internet sites that have not yet been identified and put on the list.

How do I request family filtering?
To receive family filtering, contact skyQ Internet and we will help you configure your computer to utilize the filtering system.  It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

Additional Questions

My modem is connecting at a slow rate and/or I am frequently disconnected.
The speed at which your modem connects is directly determined by the quality of your phone lines. For a 56k analog modem, 40 kbps is considered average. The local phone company will only guarantee a 9600 baud connection with analog phone lines.

However, there are a few things that you can try...

  • Try wiggling the phone cord in the wall jack while listening to the dial tone. If you hear any noise other than the dial tone, the cord or wall jack is loose and needs to be fixed.
  • Make sure that there are no holes, tears, or crimps in the phone cord connected from the wall jack to the computer. Pets and small children have been known to chew on phone cords and cause problems.
  • Make sure that your modem is using the latest drivers and/or firmware. If you aren't sure how to do this, either visit your modem manufacturer's web page or contact them directly.
  • The quality of the exterior phone lines can be the problem as well. Weather and age are the biggest concerns to any outdoor lines. You can usually get them checked by your phone company if you contact their repair department.
  • If you live in a rural area, the age and quality as well as the distance to the local phone trunks can be a problem. The age of the building you live in and the quality of its phone lines can also affect your connection speed.

Can I get more than one email address with my account?
We allow 5 email addresses per dialup account. The account login has an email address and we provide four additional email accounts free of charge. If you require more email addresses, they are available for $3 per month.

Can I use my skyQ account on more than one computer?
You may configure a skyQ connection on more than one computer, but you may only use your account on one computer at a time. In other words, two people cannot use the same login at the same time.

I'm going to be traveling next week. Can I still use my skyQ account?
You may dial into your skyQ account from anywhere in the United States. However, we only have local dialup numbers for California. When calling from outside of California, long distance charges will apply. skyQ will not reimburse you for any additional or incidental expenses incurred as a result of making a toll or long distance call. If travelling within California, use our dialup number locator to identify local dialup numbers.

How do I change the phone number my dialer is using (Windows 95/98/ME)?

  1. Double click the My Computer icon
  2. Double click the Dialup Networking icon
  3. Right click on your skyQ dialer icon
  4. Left click on Properties
  5. Replace the old phone number with the new phone number
  6. Click OK
  7. Close the My Computer and Dialup Networking windows

What is email?
E-mail is an abbreviation for an electronic message (electronic mail) that is sent over a communications network from one user to another. (Info)

I'm going to be traveling next week. How can I read my e-mail?
All skyQ accounts come with access to webmail which allows you to check your email and send messages from ANY Internet connected computer in the world. Just go to the skyQ webmail page and enter your username and password.

When I send someone an e-mail how long does it take them to receive it?
When you send mail it is almost instantaneous. After that how long it takes to get there depends on how the mail is delivered by the recipient's ISP. Many large online services like America Online and Prodigy queue their mail. What this means is that all mail messages that are delivered to their networks are held in a temporary storage bin until the server has time to deliver it to the person. If the mail server is very busy it can take days to deliver. On the other hand, sending mail to someone on another local ISP will happen almost immediately.

Sometimes when I try to send mail I get the error "Some of the recipients were rejected by your mail server". Why do I get this error message?
This error occurs when the e-mail address you are trying to send to does not exist. If you replied to an e-mail and received this message, this means that their "reply to address" is wrong in their mail program configuration. You will have to manually enter their e-mail address if you know it in order to send the message. You may want to inform them that their reply to address is incorrect.

How do I learn more about the content filtering feature that is included with my skyQ account?
Click Here:Where does this go?

How do I learn more about the 20MB of webspace that is included with my skyQ account?
Click here: Where does this go?

Can you setup Internet access on my computer for me?
Of course. Just call us and we can talk you through the setup while you are on the phone with us.

My modem dials skyQ, but my username and password keeps getting rejected?
If you find that your username and password is continually being rejected by our servers, then you should check to ensure that you are using the correct username and password, as well as check to ensure you are using lower case characters for both the username and password. If the problem persists, please call our technical support staff and they will be happy to help you.

How do I find where I want to go on the Internet?
If you do not already know the Internet Address of the website you are seeking, the simplest way is to use a search engine. A search engine is a website that is devoted to searching the Internet for subjects that you are interested in. Simply type in a few words that describe what you are looking for, and you will be presented with a list of links to websites that contain the information you are seeking.

Are my username and password case-sensitive?
The answer is "YES" to both. Your username and password must always be entered in all lower case letters with no spaces

How do I change my password?
If you would like to change your password, you will need to contact skyQ directly via phone at 916-780-7566. For security reasons, we cannot accept requests of this nature via e-mail. In addition we will not send login information via e-mail either. Please note that only the account holder is authorized to request this function. The account holder is the person whose name is on the account and has claimed ownership of that account.

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