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Host your domain with skyQ!

skyQ's webhosting platform is easy enough for beginners but powerful enough for experts. Our webhosting package has web-based administration and is ready to use right out of the shoot. The package includes the most popular web hosting software, such as a Web server; an FTP server; web development tools including Front Page Extensions, PHP, Perl, Python and Java; a Mail server and Web-based mail reader; and database management tools. You are limited only by your own imagination when it comes to the World Wide Web.

Our facilities use continuous power supply (CPS) online generators. The CPS system cleans electrical power to remove irregularities prior to the electric signal reaching the facility. The CPS system also builds up momentum in a high-efficiency turbine that provides continuous power while back-up generators come on-line in the event of a power outage. Back-up generators power facility operations for 40 hours before refueling is necessary.

Domain Hosting
• Disk Storage Space 500 MB
• Bandwidth/Data Transfer 5 GB
• POP Email Accounts 20 Domain Emails
• Webmail YES
• MySQL Database YES
• phpMyAdmin YES
• Perl YES
• FrontPage Extensions YES
• Web Control Panel YES
Extra options available:
• Domain registration $20/year
• Unmetered internet access: $99/year
• Additional 100 MB storage space: $10/month
$240 per year

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