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Internet setup for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Step 1: On the task bar click on start.
Step 2: Then click on run.

Step 3: In the text box type inetwiz. Then click next.

Step 4: Choose the option connect using my phone. Then click next.

Step 5: Choose the option create a new dial-up connection. Then click next.

Step 6: Under the contry/region name and code uncheck the box that says use area code and dialing rules. Then type the phone nuber that was given you your skyq rep. Then click next.

Step 7: Type your username and password given by skyq. Then click next.

Step 8: For the name of the connection type skyq internet. Then click next.

Step 9: Is to setup your email in outlook express. Where is says do you want to setup a internet mail account click yes. Then click next.

Step 10: When you send a email, your name will appear in the from field of the outgoing message. Type your name as you would like it to appear. Then click next.

Step 11: Type the email address given to you by your skyq rep. Then click next.

Step 12: For your incoming email server choose POP3. For the incoming and outgoing email server names type mail.skyq.com (both incoming and outgoing). Then click next.

Step 13: Type the account name which is the first part of your email. Type yor password. Then click next.

Step 14: To complete the configuration click finish. Now you are finished setting up your skyq account. To connect to the internet just launch Internet Explorer. Then click connect. Then click Finish.

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