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skyQ provides the highest quality and most reliable DSL and dialup internet access available on the market today.

Our Network
skyQ Internet utilizes a the internet industry's best in class equipment combined with the services of leading bandwidth and telecom service providers to support its ambitious network reliability and performance goals.

Local Access Coverage - Second to None
skyQ provides REDUNDANT local internet access to all 50 States and most of Canada, as well as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Most of skyQ's customers have at least 3 different local networks to choose from.

No Busy Signals
One of the biggest issues in the ISP industry is "busy signals" While the global average modem to user ratio is well into the double digits, skyQ maintains at most a 9:1 ratio which virtually eliminates the chance of getting a busy signal when dialing in. This ratio in and of itself is a lot to boast about, however the true value that skyQ brings to the table is its ability to scale IMMEDIATELY. skyQ proactively adds modems to its network to stay ahead of the curve and can do so with the least amount of lag time in the industry.

Fast Connections
One important factor in resolving slow connection issues is hardware compatibility. Modems have to comply with Industry Standards (like V.90 and so on) but not all modems are created equal: there are quality issues, features, bugs, driver updates, and BIOS updates to contend with. With skyQ, if a customer is connecting at slow speeds (or explicably can't connect at all) then a common resolution path is to give them a different local access number (there are over 6,500 to choose from) that terminates to a different hardware solution.

skyQ uses spam control to protect its customers from unsolicited bulk email (spam). skyQ has developed an excellent balance between aggressive spam control and not blocking valid mail. We run every email that is destined for our user accounts through three separate tests to see if an email is coming from a known spam source or an open relay (improperly configured email server). We then run the email through a content analysis filter that looks for spam that slipped through the first set of tests. This system blocks the vast majority of spam without affecting valid email.

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