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Outlook Express 6.0

Step 1: Open Outlook Express

Step 2: In Outlook Express click on the tools menu and then click on accounts.

Step 3: In the accounts window click on the add button.

Step 4: Click on the mail option.

Step 5: The next step is to type a name that you want to appear in the From field of the outgoing message. Then click next.

Step 6: Type your skyq email address (username@skyq.com) and click next.

Step 7: For the incoming mail server choose POP3. For the incoming and outgoing email server type (mail.skyq.com) for both. Then Click next.

Step 8: For the account name type the first part of your email address. Then type your password. Then click next.

Step 9: To save the setting click finish. Now you are done and ready to send and receive email.

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